Friday, August 20, 2010

You Have Stolen My Heart

As-salam & Hye...

Aktiviti sementara menunggu waktu berbuka puasa petang semalam... tu pun mcm lemau2 je nak buat..


Designer : Lizzie Kate
Fabric : 14ct Cream Aida

Thursday, August 12, 2010

NNC Birthday Exchange 2010

As-salam & Hye....

Happy Birthday to me... Actually, yesterday 11th August was my birthday... Nothing much to do, no celebration like year before, and year before that and so on.....

Last year, December 2009, i signed up for NNC Birthday Exchange organized by Margaret Wong aka MW.. and my secret exchange buddy was Astrid from Mauritius. I received my gift long time ago. As you guys can see the date, its was almost 1 month ago! Its really makes me crazy as we can't open it nor peeking it.. or else we will be 'chase' by our headmistress, MW.. LOL!

This is what inside...... Taraaa....Very lovely purple wrapper... and inside the purple wrapper - A table runner, a bunch of DMC Stranded Cotton, Silk Threads, Mill Hill Beads, Buttons & Birthday card. If you noticed, everything in purple, my favourite color!!! Astrid also give me a CCN chart "The Tea Room" together with flosses..

Nice ehh...

Everything for birthday mum...

I really love this table runner. Its apprx 1.3metre long! and of course, its purple...

Dear Astrid, thanks you so much for everything you send to me.. I really love it.. For those who want to know about Astrid, a superb quilter, you can visit her blog : Grandma's Red Needle.
Last but not least, Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all my muslim's reader.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bowled Over....

As-Salam & Hye....

Sibuk... bz... ayat klise... Hakikatnya aku mmg sibuk. Menyiapkan tempahan dari sahabat baik aku dari Kuantan. Tu belum lagi tempahan dari SIL aku.. Nasib baik la umah dekat je.. bila2 pon boleh pegi hantar... ahaks...

Setelah sebulan tak pegang jarum n kain xs ni, ni la hasil utk sesi memanaskan jari dan tangan. Tapi still xleh lawan K.Shima punya Bee Hive... jeles.. jeles....

Design kali ni byk guna beads. Leceh la guna beads, aku prefer buat French Knot lagi. Tapi dah ada dlm kit tu, nak buat macamana... buat je la.. rugi pulak kalo tak guna.

Designer : Mill Hill Kitchen Collection by Debbie Mumm
Fabric : 14ct Cream Aida

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'll Go Green

Lama dah tak update.. Sorry friends.. Bz buat menda lain.. ahaks.... Tapi don't worry, i'm still here... Another weekend stitching... bagi minda rileks skit.

Save Our Earth!! enjoy.....

Designer : Claire Crompton
Fabric : 14ct Aida

Monday, May 24, 2010

Housework Never Killed Anyone.....

Aktiviti hujung minggu.. sambil2 santai ngan family...

Designer : Lizzie Kate

Fabric : DMC Impression -Beige Arabesque

Friday, May 21, 2010

Quick Update....

Mini cottages & buah pic yg ranum dah pun siap... actually cottages ni last week lg dah siap... asyik tangguh je nak update kat sini.. Peach fruit tu pulak lagi lama dah siap..... Enjoyyyy...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big package from South Carolina, US

Yeahaaaaaa.... i've been waiting for this parcel for the whole week. Its from my Pincushion Exchange partner Diane Merlock, South Carolina, US. I was informed by Diane that the box is about 12"x16" and my first impression was - wahhh, its sure a large pincushion!!. Then, later she email again and told me that there is another smaller box inside. She had to bubble wrap it and put a lot of shredder papers and packaging peanuts because she said that the pincushion she made is breakable. Now i wonder how my pincushion look like LOL!

The package was sent by Priority and postage costs a bomb!!

After 'digging' the big box, here's what inside the smaller box. Oh ya.. the smaller box also have a lot of packaging peanuts!

The main attraction!! My lovely pincushion from across the entire ocean... and its inside the ceramic bowl..

Its come with saucer too!! BTW Diane, i'm not going to glue it. Both flower bowl and saucer are so beautiful especially the saucer. Its like a sunflower!

I really enjoyed the stashes too!! Everything in blue - DMC Stranded Cottons, small scissor, felts, very nice beads (pearl beads i guess), ribbon flowers and a container. Thank you so much Diane for everything.. *HUGS*

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Biscornu & Pincushion Exchange 2010 With K.Nisa

Hye and as-salam semua...

Lama dah tak update blog. Last month aku ngan K.Nisa setuju nak buat exchange. Kitorang berdua jer... saja suka2 bg hilang tension ngan stress (aku ler tu.. ahaks..) Since K.Nisa dah tau camana nak buat Biscornu, so kitorang decided nak buat both Pincushion & Biscornu plus satu lagi Mystery Gift.

So, ni Pincushion & Biscornu dari aku utk K.Nisa. Simple je designnye...

Pincushion : The Prairie Schooler Design (14ct Aida)
Biscornu : World of Cross Stitch Magazine (28ct Evenweave)
Ni pulak Mystery Gift dari aku utk K.Nisa. Actually aku nak handmade something. Tapi disebabkan dua2 buah ati aku, Afiqah & Haiqal tak sihat, so terpaksa la aku pegi ke plan B. Nak masuk 3 minggu ni, baru depa sihat sepenuhnya. Kalo tak tu, sambung-menyambung sakit diorang.. Paling teruk Haiqal la.. 3x pegi klinik. Sampai doktor cakap, kalo aku dtg lagi, doktor akan suruh pegi hospital. Alergik aku dgr perkataan hospital tu. Trauma, fobia, semua ada.

Buttons, Impression Aida, 2 FQs, Newton Law's Bookmark Kit, Chart, DIY Love, DMC Threads - Satin, Pearl Cotton, Light Effect, Variations

Yang ni pulak dari K.Nisa utk aku. Suka weh... suka.... Hilang stress, hilang tension, hilang mengantuk di kala tengahari yg panas terik... hahahahaa.... Pincushion & Biscornu yg sgt2 comel gitu.. geram je aku tengok.. rasa mcm nak picit2 je bagi penyek.. cute tau!

Crossstitched card, Cross Stitch & Needlework Magazine Issue March 2010, 2 kits, 3 packet beads, bling2 (actually aku x tau nak panggil apa, tapi yg org dok lekat kat tudung, baju kurung tu), frame, cord, Tupperware Keychain & Round Tupperware

Kalo korang tak percaya, tengok la betapa comelnya pincushion & biscornu yang K.Nisa buat ni. Combined dua2 dlm 1 tapak tangan aku jer... Kalo x silap aku, pincushion tu K.Nisa guna 18ct & biscornu tu lak 16ct. Betul tak K.Nisa? Harap betulkan kalau saya salah yeee...

Tupperware ni lak dah ada penghuni dah.. hehehehee.. aku simpan koleksi Mill Hill Beads aku. Sorry ler kalo nak letak gulai ayam ke.. kari daging ke... atau paling teruk cili giling ke... sayang taw... Tupperware ni saiz medium and comel gak....

Nota kaki : K.Nisa, thanks sebab sudi exchanged sama saya... & thanks jugak dgn stashes yang K.Nisa bagi. Saya sgt2 suka. Tak sabar nak tunggu next exchange *wink*...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NNC Bookmark Exchange 2010

Last February I signed on for Bookmark Exchange organized by Zarina. Then we have to wait until 23 April 2010 (World Book Day) to "unwrap" our bookmark parcel. This round my parner was Ann from Italy. She's a Malaysian and currently living there. We were only required to make 2 bookmarks of differents crafts.

Bookmarks for Ann. I sent a small stashes too - A Chinese crochet book and 2 stick-it pads. Unfortunately Ann can't read Chinese.. LOL.. I don't have any idea how she want to deciper the instructions!

Bookmarks received from Paul. Thank you sooo much Paul. I really loved the quotes and the embroidery bookmark you made (maybe I should try to stitch the Rhodes Heart too, never try it before)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3rd NNC Anniversary Meet & Exchanges

1st of all, sorry for MIA for a while.. anyone missed me?? After our 3rd Anniversary Meet, I was too lazy to do anything including cross-stitching. Actually at this moment i'm still not in mood to update my blog. So, here's just a few photo from the Anniversary Meet that was held at Sabariah's house @ Setia Alam, Selangor. For full story, you can read from Nik's blog.

My door gift contribution - Ribbons

Door gifts - Felts (MW), Bookmark (Nik), Bias tape & buttons (Zai), Paper stamped (Usha), HDT (Zarina), FQ (Janet), Hand-dyed floss (Diane, USA), Ceramic Rose Cup (Rose), Button set (Mel), hand made Japanese clay ornament (Valarie), Tupperware fridge magnet (Sabariah)
- Thanks everyone

Goodie bag for Afiqah

Goodie Bag for Haiqal

Lucky Draw - Sabariah received mine ~ Simple drawstring with Eifal Tower (crossstitched - from Blackbird Design) and a compulsory felt flower (i made into hair barrette)

Co-incidentally, i received Sabariah's gift - a big 'kekabu' pillow with crocheted cover and compulsory felt flower too
I also managed to complete my exchanges. Even though its not comes to the dateline yet, i used this opportunity to send out my exchange, so i don't have to mail it out.

Pincushion Exchange - Once again MW became my exchange partner. The theme for this exhange is Blue. So for the safe side, i made everything in blue

Even the 3 compulsory stashes also in blue including the box.. LOL!

Bookmark Exchange received from Paul. What a surprised! But unfortunately i /we can't open it until International Book Day on 23 April 2010. Another waiting in pain *sigh*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring SAL ~ Completed

Akhirnya siap jugak kannn... mlm tadi dah siap jahit dah. Sampai sakit2 la belakang badan aku nih. Baring jap, alih2 tertidur.. hahahahaaa... So pagi ni je la aku update. Lega rasanya dah siap, boleh la aku rehat jap. Betulkan balik tulang belakang yg rasanya mcm nak patah ni.. heheheheee..

Utk semua SAL Sisters, see you guys in "Summer".....

Tgh tunggu kering..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring SAL ~ Update08

Minta maaf la sebab lambat update. Bukan lambat sikit ni.. lambat sgt2 dah ni. Another 1 week nak nak update lagi... panjang ceritanya ye kawan2. Secara ringkasnya (kronologi la ni):

26-28 Feb : Cuti2 Malaysia - pegi cuti sakan kat Bukit Merah Laketown Resort
28 Feb (petang) : sampai umah, sempat cek email ngan tengok Biscornu K.Nisa. Off notebook jap sbb nak mengemas.. Bila nak on balik, dah BLACKOUT!!! uwaaaaa.... merajuk kot tak bawak sekali pegi holiday.....

Kesimpulannya notebook haku sakit dan perlu rawatan selanjutnya.. Tensen tahap gaban okkk....... kalo sehari dua takpe, dekat ngan seminggu.. huhuhuhuuhuu.. Nasib baik MrHubby boleh repair, selamat poket aku... abis notebook aku kena format balik. Satu hal lak nak install balik software2 yg biasa aku guna. Dan nasib baik gak sebelum pegi holiday aku dah buat back-up semua fail2 aku. Kalo tak mau aku meroyan tau!!...

Gambar ni aku amik on the day yg sepatutnya aku update SAL dan aku belum ada mood nak snap gambar latest. Ada la progress masa menunggu notebook aku dibaikpulih. Since next week je nak update SAL, so tunggu je la ekkk...

nota kaki : thanks K.Nisa sbb memahami adikmu ini......

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Exchange 2010

Actually i received my VE from my secret partner long time ago, on 23rd January if i'm not mistaken. But our organizer, MW only allowed us to open our exchange gift on 14th Feb. So, to avoid myself peeking my gift, i hid it somewhere under my table.. LOL

My secret partnet was Usha from Klang, Selangor. Thanks so much Usha for the lovely card, crocheted heart shape coasters + crocheted flower paperclips. Opsss.. Usha gave me additional stashes too - a long ric-rac ribbon and flower beads.

And these are my VE to Maria in Portugal - a Valentine card (crossstitched on front) + an ornament (crossstitched too)+ tissue pouch + rose. I also add a fridge magnet and 2 postcards of Malaysia. Hopefully Maria will like everything i send to her..

Spring SAL ~ Update07

Sorry semua sbb lambat update.. Biasa la, cuti panjang, langkah pun panjang jugak.. hahahahaa.. xde la pegi mana2 pon. Bawak putera & puteri beta ni g jenjalan. Kesian asyik dok kat umah je..

So ni je la yg sempat buat. My life agak huru-hara + kacau bilau kebelakangan ni. Tak banyak yg dpt jahit. Hopefully semua akan ok balik. Aku tau K.Nisa dah siap SAL dia. Takyah g jenguk blog dia pon aku dah tau.. hehehheee.. actually K.Nisa ada sms aku beritau dia tinggal jahit awan je lagik.. saja je nak bg aku jelessss... aku ni jgnkan awan, pokok pon belum abes tanam lagik.. huhuuhuuu...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spring SAL ~ Update06 & Oriental Splendor SAL01

Rasa mcm byk dah jahit.. tp rasa mcm byk lg yg kena jahit.. Ni je la yg sempat aku siapkan sampai kelmarin..

Semlm ngan hari ni lak aku bz jahit Oriental Splendor, SAL aku ngan K.Salmi. Tak byk mana pun. Still tgh men'serasi'kan mata & jari jahit atas 18ct fabrik. Halus kemain!!!! Sampai nak tertidur la.. zzzzzzzzzz.......

Monday, January 25, 2010

Stitch ALong Oriental Splendor

Another SAL.. another WIP... walla.. byknya WIP!! Boleh siap ke ni.. hahhahahaaa.. Kali ni SAL between aku ngan K.Salmi. Actually dah lama aku beli kit ni, somewhere masa Raya Puasa last year. Hajat nak buat (hajat je la...) tp takde masa (alasan...). But since K.Salmi pun ada kit ni, so aku suggest kat dia buat sama2. At least we can motivate each other to complete this beautiful design..

Very simple rule as it just between me and K.Salmi - update our progress every 2 weeks. Sama mcm Spring SAL jugak. But, yg mencabar ialah ada DATELINE!! K.Salmi suggest by end of June. Kalau tak 100% complete pun, at least 60-70%. Just wait and see how the progress..

SAL ni start today, tapi aku belum start stitching apa2 lagi. Just sorting these colourful threads....

Stitching Bee January 2010 @ Starbuck, Bangsar Village II

Our 1st NNC Stitching Bee for the year of 2010. Same place on 23rd January 2010. Nothing much to 'show & tell" as i forgot to bring my camera. You guys can read full story (if you want too) from Paul's Blog. For those who want to see how Cik Alynn look like, feel free to visit Paul's blog ok.. *wink*...

BTW, this is my birthday pressie for Rose. Actually her birthday was long time ago, somewhere in December but I too lazy to wrap this big cushion. So I just wait until our next bee.. Hopefully you like it Rose.....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Travelling Stitcherhood done!!

I'm free!!! I'm free!!! lalalalalalaaa..Finally, its completed this morning after 12 days. I really enjoy myself stitching this piece. Thanks to you MW for the chart. As you guys can see in the photo below, i decided to stitch the house with Pansy Purple instead of Old Blue Jeans (both from Crescent Colors) and also no bird motif on my piece.

So tomorrow the chart will travel again - all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Aw from Kuantan, Pahang.

I also done with my Valentine Enchange gift. I'll blog about it once my partner receive the package.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Spring SAL ~ Update05

Hari ni, satu hari dari pagi sampai la pukul 6pm td, aku update SAL.. So, ni je la yg sempat aku buat. Ok la tu kan, dari tak buat apa2 langsung. Aku still buzy lagi ngan Stitcherhood. Pastu ada Valentine Exchange nak disiapkan. Due date dah dekat.. benda alahnye tak siap2 lagi.. ada yg beli kat kedai je ni kang...

Oh ye.. K.Nisa dah ada blog sendiri... so silalah g jenguk umah beliau ye. Byk khazanah2 yg boleh buat korang jeles ok...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Travelling Stitcherhood

Remember last time i mentioned about being buzy from this month until mid of February 2010? So, this is why.... Last year, i joined a stitching project with NNC organized by MW ~ Travelling Stitcherhood - Home of a Needleworker too! (HOANT) by LHN. This how its work : We note the number of members interested to stitch the chart, and we pass the same chart to the next member after we finish. We are given a period of 1.5mths to do it and we MUST send it off . So at the end of the Day, the Group of us here have the same stitched piece, all in the name of sisterhood!

Now is my turn to stitch HOANT after Radha and MW. Hopefully i can finish it on time because its not easy to stitch on Linen (this what happen when you get used to stitch on Aida!). Oh ya.. i'm using Crescent Colors floss too.... quite challenging huh! Can't marked the fabric and definitely can't wash it!!!