Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Travelling Stitcherhood done!!

I'm free!!! I'm free!!! lalalalalalaaa..Finally, its completed this morning after 12 days. I really enjoy myself stitching this piece. Thanks to you MW for the chart. As you guys can see in the photo below, i decided to stitch the house with Pansy Purple instead of Old Blue Jeans (both from Crescent Colors) and also no bird motif on my piece.

So tomorrow the chart will travel again - all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Aw from Kuantan, Pahang.

I also done with my Valentine Enchange gift. I'll blog about it once my partner receive the package.


Yoon said...

Amboi! Lajunya!!! Travel dah siap, exchange pun dah..Lepas ni sambung SAL la pulak... :)

Yoon said...

Oh, by the way, colour rumah yang Alynn pilih nampak lagi cantik drp yang ori... Good job!!

shima said...

wooooo siap dlm masa 12 hari... canggih2... tahniah... ngelat ya...tak jahit gambar burong... he he he

ALynn said...

K.Nisa : thanks.. kena guna gear turbo sbb byk WIP menunggu.. hehehehe

K.Shima : burung tu x chantek la.. mcm gagak je.. hahahahaa... sbb tu la x jahit.

Salmi said...

yay yay yay..congrats alynnn!

ALynn said...

K.Salmi : Tq..tq..