Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big package from South Carolina, US

Yeahaaaaaa.... i've been waiting for this parcel for the whole week. Its from my Pincushion Exchange partner Diane Merlock, South Carolina, US. I was informed by Diane that the box is about 12"x16" and my first impression was - wahhh, its sure a large pincushion!!. Then, later she email again and told me that there is another smaller box inside. She had to bubble wrap it and put a lot of shredder papers and packaging peanuts because she said that the pincushion she made is breakable. Now i wonder how my pincushion look like LOL!

The package was sent by Priority and postage costs a bomb!!

After 'digging' the big box, here's what inside the smaller box. Oh ya.. the smaller box also have a lot of packaging peanuts!

The main attraction!! My lovely pincushion from across the entire ocean... and its inside the ceramic bowl..

Its come with saucer too!! BTW Diane, i'm not going to glue it. Both flower bowl and saucer are so beautiful especially the saucer. Its like a sunflower!

I really enjoyed the stashes too!! Everything in blue - DMC Stranded Cottons, small scissor, felts, very nice beads (pearl beads i guess), ribbon flowers and a container. Thank you so much Diane for everything.. *HUGS*


shima said...

sweetnya pincushion tu..siap dengan alas lagi.. kshima tengok pun suka ..apa lagi alynn yg dapatkan.... mesti senyum simpul

ALynn said...

K.Shima, mmg comel pincushion tu.. sweet je.. mmg match la ngan bowl tu.. sayang betul nak guna..

zarina said...

The pin cushion is beautiful. Now I wished I had join in too. Anyway, whenever you are partnered with Diane she always send the 'bestest' package ever (was her birthday exchange partner).

Salmi said...

salaam alynnn..cantiknyer pin cushion tu..I like !!!