Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3rd NNC Anniversary Meet & Exchanges

1st of all, sorry for MIA for a while.. anyone missed me?? After our 3rd Anniversary Meet, I was too lazy to do anything including cross-stitching. Actually at this moment i'm still not in mood to update my blog. So, here's just a few photo from the Anniversary Meet that was held at Sabariah's house @ Setia Alam, Selangor. For full story, you can read from Nik's blog.

My door gift contribution - Ribbons

Door gifts - Felts (MW), Bookmark (Nik), Bias tape & buttons (Zai), Paper stamped (Usha), HDT (Zarina), FQ (Janet), Hand-dyed floss (Diane, USA), Ceramic Rose Cup (Rose), Button set (Mel), hand made Japanese clay ornament (Valarie), Tupperware fridge magnet (Sabariah)
- Thanks everyone

Goodie bag for Afiqah

Goodie Bag for Haiqal

Lucky Draw - Sabariah received mine ~ Simple drawstring with Eifal Tower (crossstitched - from Blackbird Design) and a compulsory felt flower (i made into hair barrette)

Co-incidentally, i received Sabariah's gift - a big 'kekabu' pillow with crocheted cover and compulsory felt flower too
I also managed to complete my exchanges. Even though its not comes to the dateline yet, i used this opportunity to send out my exchange, so i don't have to mail it out.

Pincushion Exchange - Once again MW became my exchange partner. The theme for this exhange is Blue. So for the safe side, i made everything in blue

Even the 3 compulsory stashes also in blue including the box.. LOL!

Bookmark Exchange received from Paul. What a surprised! But unfortunately i /we can't open it until International Book Day on 23 April 2010. Another waiting in pain *sigh*


MamaDaniel said...

best nyer ada gathering mcm nih... =)

ALynn said...

Zila, mmg best.. boleh berkongsi idea ngan released tension.. heheheee