Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NNC Bookmark Exchange 2010

Last February I signed on for Bookmark Exchange organized by Zarina. Then we have to wait until 23 April 2010 (World Book Day) to "unwrap" our bookmark parcel. This round my parner was Ann from Italy. She's a Malaysian and currently living there. We were only required to make 2 bookmarks of differents crafts.

Bookmarks for Ann. I sent a small stashes too - A Chinese crochet book and 2 stick-it pads. Unfortunately Ann can't read Chinese.. LOL.. I don't have any idea how she want to deciper the instructions!

Bookmarks received from Paul. Thank you sooo much Paul. I really loved the quotes and the embroidery bookmark you made (maybe I should try to stitch the Rhodes Heart too, never try it before)


zai said...

Kak, cantiknye bookmark yg akak buat tu. Kat mana nak beli printed felt eh?

ALynn said...

Zai - TQ.. Printed felt ehhh? Cuba carik kat Daiso (Bdr Utama ke.. IOI Mall Puchong ke..)

Yati said...

Ha ah, ALynn, cantik bookmark tu. ALynn faham chinese ke?

ALynn said...

Yati, Thanks... Bertuah la kalo sy faham Chinese... setakat follow gambar mmg terel taw.. ahaks..