Saturday, October 31, 2009

Star Light, Star Bright

Complimentary chart from LHN.. Finished in 1 day from this morning until dinner time. Just a small design ... should I frame it or make it into small cushion? I'll think about it later *wink*

I'm using 14ct Aida (light green) and made changes for the moon and stars using DMC Light Effect instead of the normal embroidery floss.


shima said...

k shima rasa cantik small cushion yang tergantung tu...mesti cute..

Margaret wong said...

What a great idea to use DMC Light effects for the moon and stars! Please bring along to the Bee too :)

Reen said...

Salam. Akak is a fan of ccn & lhn. so just nak tanya, tis chart complimentary from online LHN ke. Cantik.

Yati said...

Cepatnya, satu hari boleh siap, cayalah. Buat cushion pun comel! :)

ALynn said...

K.Shima & Yati : cushion ekkk?? ok gak tu
MW : ok.. i will
K.Reen : chart ni dah lama dah, now dah xde. Ni pon member yg bagi..