Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stitching Bee August'09 @ Starbuck, Bangsar Village II

Last Saturday was NNC Stitching Bee. Still at the same place and the same time. After met Sue from Sweetsue Cupcake ( I ordered 50pcs of yummy and delicious cupcake), I rushed to Bangsar LRT Station to pick-up Roses. We arrived at BV2 at almost 10.00 but unfortunate I had tyre puncture. It happened just when Rose got in the car.. LOL.. Its ok Rose, not your fault laa... Luckily not me who drove the car, MrHubby did!!! If not, aiyaaa... it will spoil my mood already..

Me, my DD - Afiqah and Rose were the 1st arrived at Starbuck around 10.15 (we waited MrHubby changed the old tyre), followed by Anna and then Veronica... Later other members arrived - MW and DD, MW's sister - Jackie, June, Lilie, Janet and DD, Sabariah and Mel. BTW, Nik was not here this round due to her exam.

Okie... its time for photos...

Veronica's masterpiece - I really admired this piece

Rose, Anna & Veronica - chit-chatting while waiting for others

Yummy cupcakes I ordered from Sue

Another yummy cupcakes

Mel arrived

Our Jar Pincushion Exchange - Just 5 of us - me, Rose, Mel, Janet & Paul. Guess which one I made?

Janet with 2 cute jars

Sabariah's masterpiece - soooo preety *wink*

Sabariah tried to untangled her tatting piece LOL

Sabariah and her student - Tatting class

Chit-chatting time. Can you see that little girl down there? It's my angel - Afiqah *smile*
Birthday pressie from Rose to me - a crocheted purse

Its so lovely, Rose. Thanks a lot *smile*

A gift from Sabariah, a handmade brooch and its purple *wink*

Goodies from Diane, USA. 5pcs of DMC thread. Each member got either 5 or 4pcs. I got 1 Linen, 2 Rayon, 1 stranded cotton & 1 color variations
Actually there are some more photo... i'll make another posting later. Its for my needlebook exchange, Jar exchange and a few old magazines I bought from Rose.


busymum100 said...


Please remind me about the pattern once I've done the outlines.

I'm glad I got the purple brooch handy with me.

The "tatting teacher"'s eyes are failing... *sad*

Oh, yes, Afiqah is a real angel! She's so well-behaved - I wonder she took after whom?

Janet C said...

That's not Lillie's DD. It's mine. :)
Your DD is so well-behaved. She sat so quietly for like 4 hours! When my DD was her age, she would have whined and run about after half an hour!

ALynn said...

Sabariah : okie, no problem. Its not urgent, so just take ur time ok.. I think you should make more brooch ang bring to next bee *wink*.. and yes, DD ia superb angel *smile* maybe she took after me LOL!

Janet : opsss.. so sorry Janet. I changed already.. hahaahaa, that's why i like to bring her along with me *wink*... anyway, thanks

SweetSue Cupcakes said...

hye Kak ALynn.. baru perasan ni blog kak ALynn.. chantek2 nya..dlu saya pun minat wat cross stitch ni.. =)
anyway, thank u so much yaa 4 ur ordered..akan di upload ke blog saya soon... thanx =)

ALynn said...

Hye Sue...

Thks ye singgah blog akak ni...

Nanti insyaallah akak nak order lagik... shedaappp cupcake Sue *smile*

Yati said...

Seronoknya berjumpa sesama crafters. :)