Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stitching Bee June'09 @ Starbuck, Bangsar Village II

Nie 1st time aku join Stitching Bee (by NNC group). Dan inilah 1st time aku join aktiviti luar selepas resigned dr Ambank dulu... Seronok giler.. I enjoyed myself there... Aku dpt tengok hasil kraftangan member2 yg datang... impressive and marvelous!!!!.. Member yg dtg such as Nik, MW, Rose, Usha and her daughter, Paul, Valarie, Jo, Shanny and little Owen, Anna and not forgotten, me and my dear Afiqah.. she such a good girl there...

Show off from Nik, the organizer. She won a giveaway from Mel e-shoppe. A lovely crochet bag, felts and lots of stashes.. LOL

Rose with her green crochet bag.. so nice you know!! and behine there, usha very buzy crocheting her new shawl...

Nik, MW and Rose chit-chatting 'bout bookmark stitched by Shanny
Birthday stashes frm MW to Nik.. Happy belated birthday Nik

Nik with one of her giveaway stash.. Dunno what to called that thing... hahahahaa 'something' with magnet
Choc cuppies made by Valarie.. so yummie. My dear Afiqah ate 5 or 6 cuppies.. LOL

Paul with his 1,000th posting gift... if i'm not mistaken la..

Gift from MW to me.. some small pieces of linen and evenweave, colourful overdye flosses and plastic bobbins. Thanks a lot MW. I'm really love these stashes.. sayang nak guna you know *wink*


busymum100 said...


Ruginya I didn't get to join you ppl. Next time, I hope, next time..

ALynn said...

Yeah... i hope so. Best jugak bee ni.. mcm2 'show n tell'